The only company to combine remote communications speacialists with movie industry experts

Datasat Media has been formed specifically to provide wireless communication services to the film production industry both on location and at the studio. We are able to create a new range of innovative services to deliver cost and productivity benefits to production teams throughout the world.

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    Wireless broadband services to remote locations worldwide
    Datasat media understands the many facets that go beyond just supplying communications and broadband to a location. You require the most effective way to transmit and view video, and have the confidence that your people and equipment are safe and secure when on location. You need a communications infrastructure that can be changed, expanded or moved with the minimum of fuss, cost or time lost from your schedule. Most of all, you need a single network that lets you do all this cost-effectively – wherever you are. Unlike many of the communications providers that offer services to the film and TV industries today and are limited to offering basic Internet and broadband packages. That's where we come in with our comprehensive system to satisfy all of your location communications and security requirements.

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    Datasat Media is a specialist communications provider. But, how many other communication providers do you know that include award-winning film makers and  broadcast designers on their management team? We bring to our communication solutions an industry insight that few other communication suppliers can claim. For example, Datasat is a member of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) as we know how important for film and TV companies to protect their intellectual property – starting with how data and video is transferred during the production process.  All this is backed by what Real Business described as an 'engineering-led business developing communications for remote conditions...with an outstanding technically gifted team'.

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    Datasat Media has another interesting little quirk. We are a new company with over a quarter of a century of experience behind us. In that time, we've helped build the infrastructure for satellite TV stations, we've helped introduced real time trading to the city of London, and we've delivered high performance, high security networking to UK embassies across the globe. Datasat has an enviable reputation as one of the world's leading remote communications specialists. Initially a premium provider of satellite communications services, we now tailor communications to your exact requirement based on the optimum mix of satellite, wireless, cellular and terrestrial technologies.

    Datasat has 25 years of deliver remote communications infrastructure
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    Datasat is a one stop remote communications provider that designs, builds, manages and maintains remote communications networks worldwide
    We deliver a complete range of network planning, installation and management services across the lifetime of your communications requirement – whether a short term rental plan for location work or a long term contract for studio connectivity. We design, build, manage and maintain high quality global infrastructure to match your budget and requirements. Our services include:

    • Design: We design the ideal network in terms of functionality, performance, security, reliability and price.
    • Manufacture: We have designed a range of wireless communications solutions that are optimised specifically for video and rich media content.
    • Build: All networks are built to ensure service levels are met and quality is never compromised.
    • Manage: Our networks are remotely managed from our UK-based Network Operations Centre (NOC).
    • Maintain: Our maintenance services are based around your needs. We can deliver timely and cost-effective maintenance – where required

    We use only qualified Datasat engineers who have been security cleared so can be quickly despatched to your location. In this way, we ensure a high quality network with the continuous connectivity you need. Whether on top of a mountain, the middle of the desert or beside the North Pole, we have experience of delivering highly available, secure and robust remote communication networks in every climatic condition and geographic environment.

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    Located in the UK and core to our services is our totally owned Network Operations Centre (NOC) from where our qualified engineers utilise our exclusively developed Network Management and Monitoring Systems to deliver effective network management services for all our customer networks. As we are one of the few independent communications providers with its own earth station, means we have much greater control over the bandwidth and performance available for you from satellite connectivity.  Our earth station means that we can guarantee the highest level of security for your network connectivity when you require it.

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    Powerful and robust wireless networks meet military standards for environmental performance
    We are one of the few providers that can deliver four radios with a single wireless device. This provides the flexibility to create multi-frequency, multi-network systems within the same ruggedised, climate-tested chassis. With aggregate speeds up to 1200Mbps, indoor and outdoor wireless networks can be created with enhanced throughput and coverage using fewer wireless systems. High performance, high availability networks with less investment and management overhead.

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    Originally specialising in VSAT satellite communications, the Datasat Group have 25 years of experience in delivering secure global communications networks and now offer a complete range of communications services. In addition, they have developed market-leading and innovative digital content provision services. This gives Datasat Media a lead in providing reliable and secure communications infrastructures that move beyond voice and data networking. Through Datasat Digital Entertainment, they have access to over 20 years experience in the film and cinema industry working closely with all the major studios in the UK, US and internationally.

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