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Wireless, satellite, VoiP and rapid deploy network infrastructure

Datasat Media is an expert in communications services. We select the best possible solution for your specific requirements. Whether satellite, 4G wireless, fixed line or a combination of technologies, we tailor our services to meet your challenging situations, timescales and budgets. Many of our solutions are based on systems that Datasat has designed together with recognised industry solutions – ideal for the film and TV production industries.

  • Broadband & InternetBack to top

    Our Satellite Broadband packages vary in speed dependent on your requirements. 

    We offer super-fast data rates of up to 500Mbps enabling a number of network services to operate simultaneously over the same connection. You can select an ultra-secure SCPC connection between sites or choose DVB-T2 for a multi-site connection optimised for digital video broadcasting. Our Wireless Broadband services with specifically designed Quadraflex range of wireless systems include advanced IP layer management and speeds up to 500Mbps to provide the same level of performance you expect in your office. 

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  • SatelliteBack to top

    The range of VSAT services available from Datasat Media provide cost-effective, highly flexible architecture for full voice, data and converged IP connectivity between all the locations you need to connect. We deliver a satellite system that balances performance with security while eliminating terrestrial bottlenecks and poor Internet coverage. Our satellite services deliver:

    • Support for C and Ku band for excellent global coverage
    • Point-to-point connectivity for highest level of security
    • Point-to-multipoint and fully meshed configurations for cost-effective and flexible connectivity
    • System availability over 99.98% anywhere in the world
    • Reliability and Quality of Service guaranteed by stringent Service Level
    • Seamless integration with the Datasat Quadraflex range of wireless systems

    All our satellite services are centrally managed from our privately owned Teleport in the UK. In this way, we can ensure that you always have the bandwidth you require as well as the highest level of security to guarantee important items like scripts and film rushes are safely transmitted.

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  • WirelessBack to top

    We deliver the next generation of wireless networking - a Wi-Fi network specifically designed to meet the needs of next-generation multimedia devices and services. The Datasat QuadraFlex range delivers unprecedented throughput and range through world class radio performance. Combining the latest innovations in 802.11n wireless technology and its own unique network intelligence, it provides a level of advanced traffic management and rate limiting that’s uniquely adapted to the challenges of rich audio visual services. Our wireless services deliver:

    • Network throughput of up to 1200Mbps for exceptional performance
    • Wireless systems with up to 4 radios per unit to enable many services to operate securely on a single network
    • Intelligent bandwidth allocation at an application, user group or individual user level
    • Advanced IP layer management for maximum data throughput and extremely low latency
    • Military strength environmental performance to deliver continuous operation in temperatures from -40oC and +70oC
    • Self-healing and roaming functionality for the highest levels of network availability

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  • Satellite Media StreamingBack to top

    Direct from the film location, Datasat delivers a highly secure point-to-point SCPC solution over VSAT satellite. As film production move towards more widespread Internet and broadband solutions, we are employing the latest IP encryption standards to ensure that data is transmitted safely in a point-to- point or point-to-multipoint network infrastructure. Flexible and intelligent bandwidth allocation means that we can transfer film in the latest HD-SDI and HDMI formats enabling the transfer of uncompressed video at very high resolutions. Our Satellite Media Streaming services are centrally managed from our privately owned UK Teleport.

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  • Voice over IPBack to top

    One of the major headaches on location is the ability to find a usable mobile phone service. One of the major costs is roaming charges for people using their own devices. Datasat has developed the QuadraReach Mobile Voice over IP (mVoiP) service to overcome these issues. QuadraReach is designed to provide telephone connectivity over the QuadraFlex Wi-Fi infrastructure. Each user has a QuadraReach app. on their device that lets them make free calls while within wireless coverage and heavily discounted calls locally and internationally. There are four components to the QuadraReach service:

    • QuadraFlex wireless access points provide the Wi-Fi infrastructure needed for the service to work.
    • QuadraReach app. operates on Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms.
    • QuadraReach server handles all configurations and routings.
    • A SIP gateway handles network interconnect and billing.
    The mVoiP service is provided on a per-user rental model.

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  • Video storage & analysisBack to top

    QuadraStorm is a robust and reliable hybrid digital video recording system available with 8 hot swap disks. It has been designed to complement our wireless CCTV security services. The server is capable of simultaneously recording video images from a combination of analogue and IP network cameras. Up to 64 channels can be recorded from up to 32 analogue cameras or 64 IP/megapixel cameras. Simple drag and drop function enables each QuadraStorm user to create unique multiple display preferences whilst the server offers an extremely fast search facility to allow users to quickly review recorded images of any incident. Multiple QuadraStorm servers can be configured into a server group to support large and distributed video surveillance applications. 

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