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Complete range of communications services for location and studio shoots including wireless CCTV, wireless video assist and rapid deploy networks

There are many times, throughout the film production process, where fast, reliable and cost-effective communications saves valuable time and money. Yet production teams, especially on location, are often limited by the communications options available to them. Datasat Media addresses this challenge by delivering a range of innovative services  - based on the latest technologies – tailored to address the needs of the film and TV industries.

  • On LocationBack to top

    Wireless communications networks for remote location shoots
    Location shoots vary enormously often with a wide range of communications needs. In addition, the traditional physical infrastructure involved, including hundreds of metres of cabling, is costly and time consuming to rig and de-rig. Datasat Media can create a single on-site network that delivers all the communications services you require. Based on high performance and robust wireless and satellite technologies, our Location services include:

    • High Speed Broadband: No matter how remote the location, our service ensures that all  applications being used have the bandwidth they need to perform as if in the studio.
    • Remote video monitoring: Our wireless system allows you to transmit video, direct from the video village to any authorised recipient - wherever they are in the world. Whether this is from main unit 'on set' to producers in trailers or offices or 2nd unit to the director on main unit, any combination is achievable. 
    • Satellite TV: We are able to supply Sky TV for cast and crew members, when on location in the UK.
    • CCTV security: Theft of equipment is costly and can increase the time needed for the location shoot.  With our wireless system and a combination of advanced IP-based CCTV cameras, video storage and analytics solutions, we provide intelligent video surveillance that can alert you in real time when a potential incident occurs.
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  • At The StudioBack to top

    Every studio has its own unique set of communications requirements. We work closely with productions and their tenants to create flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that exactly match their requirements. Whether long term to ensure connectivity throughout the studio environment or short term to meet the needs of a specific production, we provide highly tailored connectivity packages that take advantage of the most appropriate technologies from rapidly deployed wireless systems to high speed fibre links. Our service includes:

    • Internet and broadband: Whether a single office or a large production that includes many stages and locations, the studio always has access to high speed broadband and ADSL connectivity.
    • Site security: Using wireless systems that have been optimised for video traffic, we create a surveillance system that covers a wide area using the minimum amount of equipment to ensure performance and reliability. The onsite security control room has advanced analytics to increase the productivity of security staff.
    • Remote video monitoring: Reduce the amount of cabling and cost involved in any production by wirelessly transmitting video direct from the video village. Anyone involved in the process – director, producer, exec. producer, client, etc. - can see the results as soon as the action has happened.
    • Rapid deploy communications: We can install a wireless communications infrastructure to meet your requirements and satisfy any production schedule. The network can be rapidly expanded or re-deployed as required.
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    Wireless and wireless video assist services for film and TV studios
  • Video MonitoringBack to top

    Video Assist has traditionally involved hundreds of metres of cable to distribute video from the location or studio to the end user. Datasat Media has introduced a wireless solution to assist the video playback departments. Our service includes:

    • High speed video transmission: Designed specifically for video transmission, our wireless solutions support the latest compression standards and resolutions up to 1080p and can accommodate both HD-SDI and HDMI traffic.
    • Remote monitoring: In addition to viewing the action immediately from your rig, the video can be streamed in real time to any field monitor. Where multiple cameras or locations are operating simultaneously, our service allows a director or producer to monitor every aspect of the production wherever their location in near real time.
    • Any device, anywhere: Everyone involved in the process, with permission, can access the action from their device of choice. Video is streamed directly from the video village to office PC’s, mobile phones or tablet computers.
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  • Video SurveillanceBack to top

    We design and deliver secure wireless networks that add intelligence, collaboration and real-time information sharing to video surveillance with a single end-to-end video surveillance solution that is robust and rapidly deployed. Whether on location or at the studio, our surveillance systems are flexibly configured to allow you to deploy and redeploy as security needs change. Our Video Surveillance services include:

    • HD CCTV: We deliver the latest IP-enabled HD fixed and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) CCTV cameras. With advanced features such as low light and night vision capabilities, these cameras allow for the capture of high resolution, crystal clear images.
    • Rugged wireless network: Our wireless systems combine carrier grade performance, extremely low latency and security-critical resilience to deliver a highly robust network capable of high speed video transmission over extended distances with fewer wireless access devices.
    • Video analysis and monitoring: Our specifically designed video servers enable proactive surveillance management and accelerated response times. These intelligent systems only trigger when an event occurs while ensuring the CCTV camera captures the moments prior to the event.
    • Remote monitoring: Our wireless surveillance network can be monitored from smartphones, tablets and laptop computers anywhere within the wireless coverage – including while the security personnel are in transit. The surveillance system can be securely monitored anywhere in the world. Datasat's wireless systems deliver the highest levels of security and encryption to ensure only authorised personnel have access to the network.
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    Wireless CCTV video surveillance and video storage and analysis solutions
  • Wireless Voice ServicesBack to top

    Datasat has 25 years of deliver remote communications infrastructure
    Providing effective voice communications while on location can be challenging and expensive. Often on-site personnel use there own mobile phones which are subject to extremely costly global roaming charges. These costs soon rise dramatically for many film and TV productions. In remote locations where GSM coverage is not available some productions turn to satellite phones which incur large operating costs. Datasat Media provides you with a specially designed mobile phone app. that enables users to make   calls from anywhere within the wireless network at a vastly reduced rate. It also allows a user to transfer seamlessly between the wireless and cellular networks with no loss of service. Our wireless Voice services are charged on a subscriber basis for the duration of the location shoot to provide enhanced voice performance at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

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  • Rapid Deploy NetworksBack to top

    Time is money. Production schedules require that the communications network is there when and where you need it. Datasat Media provides a range of installation and remote management services to ensure that your network can be in place and operational within a matter of hours. The network is optimised for HD video and audio so rich media applications such as Video Assist can be delivered at the same performance level as standard broadband and Internet access. Our Rapid deploy service includes:

    • Flexible design, rapid deploy: Our wireless networks are designed to be quickly configured and re-configured. Total flexibility, with equipment either mounted on mobile masts on trailers or building mounted or even on a combination. The wireless systems can be re-positioned easily and increased to accommodate demand.
    • Multi-service networks: All the communications services - voice, data, video, Internet - operate seamlessly and securely over a single network infrastructure. State of the art network intelligence means that bandwidth is dynamically allocated based on operational priorities, airtime demands and your own business rules. In this way, the bandwidth can be delivered to individual network users 'on demand'.  
    • Complete network management: If you lack the resources or investment to have a dedicated technical team we provide a complete remote network management solution. Enhanced throughput and carrier grade reliability are guaranteed through QOS-based Service Level Agreements. We deliver centralised management from our privately owned Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Teleport in the UK. Our highly qualified engineers have years of experience in delivering effective remote network management for communications infrastructure across the globe.

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