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Remote communications specialists based at Shepperton Studios, UK

Datasat Media was created by joining the expertise of TV & film industry professionals with communications specialists. Bringing creative thinking and the innovative use of communications technologies we solve problems and challenges faced by media production sectors.

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    With offices at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, Datasat Media is a new type of communications service provider.

    We are highly regarded in the field of film and television with many collective years working in the film and TV, with production teams worldwide. 

    Datasat Communications is a leading communications specialist company with a reputation for quality and outstanding engineering. Datasat Digital Entertainment (formerly DTS Digital Cinema) is one of the companies responsible for the invention and development of digital surround sound for cinema. These professionals understand the communications issues that many production teams are facing.

    Datasat Media is more than just a combination of the knowledge and experience of these film and communications experts. Our network designers and engineers, having years of experience in delivering the most secure, high performance and reliable networks, provide Datasat customers worldwide with expertise and absolute confidence in their products.
  • Datasat Credit HistoryBack to top

    The credits on many movies proudly shows the DATASAT logo. Datasat Digital Entertainment, formerly DTS Digital Cinema, was responsible for pioneering digital surround sound for cinemas. It was first used on Jurassic Park in 1993, which won the digital surround technology an Oscar for technical achievement. Datasat Digital Sound is available in more than 30,000 cinemas worldwide and has a long established relationship with studios in the US, UK and many other countries worldwide. 

    Datasat Media has taken on the mantle from Datasat Digital Entertainment and is now a well established company in its own right. Having worked on a number of large feature films together with smaller independents, Datasat Media continues to develop, working closely with productions to provide solutions to the ever changing environment the film and TV industries find themselves in. 

  • File Management for Digital CinemaBack to top

    Both Datasat Communications and Datasat Digital Entertainment were part of the 2020 3D Media project commissioned by the EU. The project was designed to create a compelling entertainment experience for the capture, production, distribution and display of 3D sound and images. Datasat was responsible for film distribution and developed a unique large file distribution system for high bandwidth digital film. This is just one example of the innovative communications services that Datasat has developed specifically for video and rich media. In the future, this system may become the foundation for services we are currently developing to transmit high-resolution footage direct from camera to post-production facilities.

  • The TeamBack to top

    The Datasat Media management team includes:

    Neil Blewett

    Neil is our Managing Director. His experience covers all areas of the film industry from technology through to the film production process. Trained as an engineer, Neil went on to win a European award on his first attempt as a film director which has led him to a successful career as a producer and director of award-winning documentaries such as 'Troy's Story' and 'Fighting Back'. Previously he was co-director of Fulcrum TV, an award-winning independent production company making documentaries and dramas for the US and UK.

    Chris Stevens

    Chris is our Operations Director, responsible for all services on location. He also manages our engineering teams along with our 24hr NOC facility. In the world of communications, Chris's experience is vast. With 25 years of delivering secure networks in the most remote parts of the world, building satellite systems for government and military organisations in over 100 countries, Chris has brought that knowledge into the film industry, arguably the most experienced communications engineer currently working in the drama industry. He is committed to building relationships, with production teams, to deliver bespoke systems for the TV and film sector. 

    Sue Roberts

    Sue is our Account Director responsible for the daily business management. Having worked on some of the largest and most complicated productions ever made including Batman, James Bond, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Sue regularly works closely with producers, production managers and production assistants. 

  • What People SayBack to top

    "On many occasions we have lost communications on set and if Datasat Media had been available they would have been my first phone call. I'm intrigued that they have also developed a wireless system that transmits from the camera as currently this can only be done using RF at a huge cost to the production."

    Nigel Wooll

    "Having worked on both feature films and TV drama, I see the real need for a wireless product like the one developed by Datasat Media. I’m very excited about this new system and would definitely use it for both film and TV...It’s a revolutionary system that will not just save money, but make the lives of all involved that much easier."

    Nigel Marchant

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